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Bay Soundings | volume four o number one | winter 2005

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Dolphins in Depth
World's longest running study of wild dolphins marks 35 years in Sarasota Bay.
About the Sarasota Dolphin Research Project
Explore the Secret Life of Dolphins

Echo & Misha:
15 Years Back in Tampa Bay

Seahorse Roundup Exposes Magical Creatures
Creature Feature: the Dwarf Seahorse
Scientist has a hunch that the dwarf seahorse, Hippocampus zosterae, may serve a bigger purpose as a barometer of the overall health of Tampa Bay.

And So It Flows
New bridge at Ft. DeSoto Park restores tidal flow eliminated by causeway.
Belly Up to the Seagrass Bar
First-ever study on Tampa Bay s longshore bars may help seagrasses rebound.
Testing the Waters
Marine stock enhancement project approaches critical junction in Tampa Bay.

Schultz Preserve Spices Up The Kitchen
A barren dredge-and-fill site is transformed into a mosaic of natural habitat at Port Redwing's Schultz Preserve.
Bird Sanctuaries Thrived Under Fred and Idah Schultz's Care
Colonial birds thrived in Audubon's first Tampa Bay sanctuary.

The Sea Folk: A Definitive History
Gulfport history is microcosm of Tampa Bay development.

Tampa Bay Estuary Program Awards
Tarpon Tag sales fund $120,000 in Tampa Bay Estuary Program mini-grants.

News Briefs and Follow Through


Trey Starkey
Raising the Bar at Longleaf

Commentary & Opinion
Action on Boat Access Needed Now!
by Suzanne Cooper

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