Bay Soundings
Bay Soundings | volume three o number one | winter 2004

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Stories by:
Mary Kelley Hoppe
and Victoria Parsons

Tampa Bay on the Comeback Trail
How is the bay measuring up?

1.  Habitat Restoration: Restoring the Balance
2.  Atmospheric Deposition: What Goes Up Must Come Down
3.  Sea Turtles & Manatees: Concerns Mount
4.  Southwest Florida Coastal Conservation Corridor Plan
5.  Exotic Armored Catfishes: A Tale of Two Invaders

Beachwalking with Art Morris
Shutterbugs in hot pursuit of shorebirds at Ft. DeSoto
Filling The Gap
Manatee and Pasco Counties Propose Environmental Lands Programs


Schooner Sets Sail with Students
Prized for more than the beauty of her lines and the joy of her sailing speed: She is a floating laboratory, a sailing classroom, the official schoolship for the City of Sarasota.

Oysters, Oysters, Oysters...
Things are bad for oysters all over

Restoration Spotlight
Chesapeake Bay:
Debate brews over oyster restoration strategy as disease hammers fishery
Pamlico Sound:
Partners promote reef restoration and oyster sanctuaries
Hard Times for Tampa Bay Oysters


Christopher Still
Tarpon Springs Artist Paints Florida's Legacy

From Court to Kayak:
Cliff Walters

Commentary & Opinion
The Power of Symbols and Names
by Ernie Estevez

Editor's Desk
Plays Well with Others

Quarterly Calendar
Including a Valentine's Day gift idea!

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