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Bay Soundings | volume four o number three | summer 2005

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A Land of Milk and Honey
A South Tampa beekeeper calls the urban setting "a land of milk and honey" for hundreds of thousands of bees.

Heidi McCree
Renu Khator
Holly Greening
Frank Muller-Karger

Commentary & Opinion
Water Bill Quietly Flows into Florida Law
by Eric Draper
Editor's Desk

Quarterly Calendar
Mini-Grant Deadlines
3rd Annual Estuary Academy



Audubon to the Rescue!
You Can Help!

Saving a great egret trapped in monofilament fishing line was not an easy decision.

After The Hurricanes:
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

"Hurricane" Survives Storm

Homeowners Wage War on Brazilian Pepper
Residents of Overlook unite to destroy more than 100 tons of Brazilian pepper trees, which has become the most dominant invasive plant in Florida.

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