Original art by Sigrid Tidmore

By Buzz Kelly
In an ancient time when Tampa Bay was submerged under primordial oceans and a vast inland sea divided America in half, there were fabulous creatures everywhere – not just in the water, but in the skies, too. Read more…

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Manatees frolic painting by Christopher Still for Bay Soundings
Bay Soundings Feature Story
Cuban tree frog
Waging War on Invaders
Although giant snakes and poisonous frogs may terrify the
average homeowner, the species that cause the worst nightmares for land managers... Read more...
Beach patrol on Pinellas coast
Hoping for the Best,
Preparing for the Worst
Ninety-four miles off the Pinellas coast, the Coast Guard patrols an imaginary line in the water, watching for oil from the... Read more...
Osprey flaps his wings atop a tree on Mariposa Key
Mariposa Key: Back from the Brink
To the average boater, Mariposa Key
appeared to be an unspoiled paradise at the southwestern tip of Bishop Harbor. Read more...
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Tampa Bay Named One of America’s Electric Car Capitals
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Mariposa Key: Back from the Brink
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Ancient Ancestors
War on Invaders
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Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst
Extreme Weather Stresses Ecosystems