SWIM Program Marks 20 Years
Restoring Tampa Bay

Snaking through a dense thicket of
mangroves at E.G. Simmons Park
northwest of Ruskin, Brandt Henningsen
pauses at a tiny...
Florida’s Endangered Sawfish Gain International Protection
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) voted recently
to ban the international trade in
sawfish...
Everything You Ever Wanted to
Know About Anoles

It all started when Steve Isham damaged
his ankle playing tennis.

With purple ribbons for highways and orange bands for mass transit, participants in Reality Check easily identified the critical corridors needed to clear up Tampa Bay’s chronic congestion. Read more...

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Pole and Troll Proposal for Littl Cockroach Bay Gains Momentum
• Officials Propose Ban on Alcohol, Dogs at Shell Key Preserve