TBEP Mini-Grant deadline Oct. 1

Bay Mini-Grants, funded through the sale of “Tarpon Tag” automobile license plates through the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, are designed to help local citizen groups and organizations create projects that protect or restore Tampa Bay while involving the local community. Deadline for the 2015-2016 is Oct. 1 at 3 p.m.

Most grants are limited to $5,000 but critical habitat restoration projects may be funded for up to $10,000. Projects may be educational, involve habitat restoration or both.

Last year, TBEP awarded $83,000 for 20 projects that directly involved citizens in restoring and improving Tampa Bay. Past projects have included invasive plant removal and planting of Florida native plants at local parks, workshops to educate teachers and involve local school communities, signs to alert boaters and beachgoers about nesting birds, and Boater’s Guides for Boca Ciega Bay and Clearwater Harbor; which are popular for their maps and safe boating resources.

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An educational Bay Mini-Grant project should:

  • Clearly define its target audience and include a way to measure success
  • Ensure school groups focus the project to educate more than one class

A Bay Mini-Grant that is focused on restoration should:

  • Explain the restoration area clearly including size of area and location
  • Include how volunteers and/or partner organizations will be invited to participate
  • Describe how maintenance and monitoring of project area will be conducted, and who will do it

Proposals may be submitted in writing or online with complete instructions available at tbep.org.

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