plastic by the numbers

Plastic by the numbers

8 miillion              Tons of plastic that ended up in the ocean from coastal counties in 2010.

1 of 6                     Plastic bottles recycled.

165%                     The amount plastic has increased between 1969 and 2009. (Overall, however, paper, metal, glass, and beverage container litter has decreased by 74.4%.)

90%                       In Tampa Bay, nearly all of the microplastics are microfibers, which can be traced back to washing clothes.

4.5  trillion          Number of cigarette butts (made of a form of plastic) discarded as litter annually, making it the most abundant form of litter in the world.

100,000               Number of animals that die each year as a result of eating or being entangled in marine debris, primarily plastic.

$11 billion            National cost for cleaning up litter annually about 10 times the cost of proper trash disposal.

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