#LoveTampaBay premieres: Get ready to share the love

Russ Farrow of Sweetwater Kayaks

Russ Farrow, owner of Sweetwater Kayaks, is one of Tampa Bay JOBS postcards. Photo by Kathleen Finnerty.

The Tampa Bay Estuary Program’s new social sharing campaign to promote the beauty and value of Tampa Bay is set to launch in late October.

#LoveTampaBay seeks to inspire each of us to DO MORE to protect the bay that sustains and unites our region, LEARN MORE about how we depend upon a healthy bay, and SHARE THE LOVE with others by uploading photos showing how the bay matters to us.
The campaign website, lovetampabay.org, will showcase digital postcards of special people and places in Tampa Bay, collected in themes of home, jobs, art, science and community. Among the individuals featured in postcards are longtime bay champion Jan Platt, habitat restoration guru Brandt Henningsen, fishing guide Ray Markham, teen artist Noelle Malfa and beer-meister Khris Johnson, head brewer at Green Bench Brewing.

The postcards can be shared on multiple social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and email. Best of all, residents can upload and share their own Tampa Bay postcards, directly from their cellphones!

Tips for Bay-Friendly Living also are presented, with simple informational graphics that also can be shared.

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