By Mary Kelley Hoppe                                            Photo courtesy City of St. Petersburg

From creating underwater sensors that can detect explosives on ships to adapting marine technologies for space exploration and medical diagnostics, a cluster of businesses and agencies in Petersburg have propelled the Tampa Bay region to the vanguard of marine research and technology...Read more…

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Explore Bay Soundings Banner Winter 2013 imagemap
Marine Might: Photo of the Bayboro Harbor
Photo of storage tanks
Out of Sight, Out of Mind — Underground Petroleum
Storage Tanks

With the state continuing to face difficult economic times, legislators must decide on even more cuts... Read more...
Photo of Avalon Theisen with her plants
Grow a Modern 'Victory Garden'
Victory gardens were planted in World Wars I and II to supply fresh food at home because so much food was being wasted...
Photo of Honore Avenue
Planned Highway Becomes
Haven for Wildlife

If all had gone as planned, Honore Avenue would be a bustling six-lane highway running south from Manatee County to Englewood...
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»Marine Might: Tampa Bay's Oceanographic and Marine Science
Sector Blazing Trails

»PROBING THE DEEP: Research by Ocean Team Scientists is Gaining International Acclaim
»SPOTLIGHT: SRI St. Petersburg
»Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks
»Profile: Margaret and Steve Santangelo
»Grow a Modern "Victory Garden"

»New Year's Resolutions to Help our Planet
»Planned Highway Becomes Haven for Wildlife
»White Pelicans are Show-Stoppers in Tampa Bay
»BackBay Adventures: Fly-Fishing Hooks Angler
»Commentary & Opinion
»News Briefs
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