volume 2     number 1     winter 2003



Tampa Bay:
By the Numbers

Jennifer Seney

news briefs
Ethical Angler Wallet Card
El Nio Forces Increased Discharges At Piney Point
New Desal Plant Sets Records

Bat Fans!

creature feature
The Evening Bat

Winter 2003

backbay adventures
Boyd Hill Nature Park:
Discovering Nature After Sundown



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  Tampa Bay After Dark

Tampa Bay is a magical place after dark. When the sun sets, a colorful cast of nocturnal creatures emerge, from tiny bats riding the night sky to massive ships from foreign ports slipping in under the cloak of darkness. Piers and bridges sprout solitary night fishermen. Bait shrimpers work the waters off Fort DeSoto. While others sleep, a lucky few are witness to the night parade. Here, we offer a window on Tampa Bay after dark with short tales from the darkside.


Tampa Bay After Dark
Navigating At Night
Listening In On Bats

6 Ways to Play After Dark

Hatchery Pins Hopes on Tiny Redfish

Behind the Scenes
Down on the Fish Farm


Reports from the Front:
Marine Invasives on the Rise

13 Ways to Save the Bay
A Baker's Dozen of Bay-Saving Ideas

Is marine stock enhancement a smart investment?

Estuary Program Awards $90,000 in Community Grants

News From The Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Manatee Protection Efforts Move Ashore
Revised Boater's Guide To Hillsborough Bay
Give A Day For The Bay on Jan.25

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