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Bay Soundings | volume two o number three | summer 2003
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From Terrapin Stew to Terrapin Who?
Even with 70 years to recover from intense harvesting, terrapins have not staged a significant rebound.

Fish Talk
Listening to fish with high-tech hydrophones helps researchers identify when and where they spawn.

Ten Years After the Oil Spill of '93
How well prepared are we?
Ten years later, we're better prepared and better equipped, according to local officials.
The Oil Pollution Act of 1990
Landmark legislation following the nation's worst environmental disaster.
Rehab is for the Birds
Save our Seabirds, Inc. set a world record that still stands - Of 371 birds rescued, 318 were released.
Preparing For The Real Deal
Shell Oil's rapid response team simulates a major oil spill.
Trash To Treasure
Cross Bayou restoration efforts.
Piney Point Update

State Takes Steps to Prevent Another Piney Point
Water Disposal Efforts Continue at Piney Point

What They're Reading
Kick back and cool off
with these summer selections.
Wildlife Reels in Big Bucks
Wildlife watchers spent up to five times more trailing birds and other creatures in Florida than was spent at box offices nationally for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

A Conversation with DEP Southwest District Director Deborah Getzoff
Bay Soundings visited with Getzoff recently to learn more about her priorities for the agency and thoughts on the most pressing issues facing the bay.

Past & Future Meet at Weedon Island
A stone's throw from busy Gandy Boulevard, the Weedon Island Preserve celebrates the region's history with Tampa Bay's first museum focusing on Native Americans.

American flag A New Mission for A Historic Ship
Come Aboard! The American Victory Ship is open for restoration tours.
Or "enlist" as a volunteer and be a part of this historic restoration.

Fireflies in the Bay?

It is the same reason that fireflies glow. It's called bioluminescence, and it's right here in the waters that bathe our sunny state.

Profile: Dr. Karen Steidinger
World-renowned researcher Karen Steidinger begins a new chapter after more than four decades at FMRI.
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