Florida Goes on the Offensive
What a difference a year makes. Last year, climate change experts held little sway in Tallahassee, sidelined by what some critics saw as an intransigent administration. Since then, a confluence of events has catapulted climate change to the forefront of the state's agenda. Read more...

Climate Change 101
New College Professor Meg Lowman, aka Canopy Meg, brings climate change down to earth...  Read more...
The Science is In
Around the globe and here in Florida, the question mark is being dropped from discussions about global warming.... Read more...
Cooling our concrete cities
From cool roofs to cool paving, and sprouting rooftops, BaySoundings explores ways for cities to reduce their carbon footprint...Read more...

Florida’s Unexpected Wildlife
Connecting Contaminants and Red Tide
New Report Documents Aquifer Contamination
Highlights of the IPCC 4th Assessment

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Bay Statesman Announces Retirement
Cool Roofs, Cool Paving
New Fertilizer Restrictions Mean Healthier Waters
A Valentine for Robinson Preserve