Bay Soundings
Bay Soundings | volume three o number four | fall 2004

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Air pollution now looms as top threat to Tampa Bay.

Hybrids Worth the Hype
Autos that combine gasoline engines and electric motors save gas and money, plus minimize pollution.

Down the Road
Hydrogen fueled vehicles promise a non-polluting future, and Florida is at the leading edge of developing the technology.
Clearing the Air
New diesel standards limit emissions from trucks and buses, plus two studies underway in Hillsborough County monitor current conditions.

Down on the Farm
Can caviar become Florida's next big cash crop? Mote Marine Laboratory is pioneering inland aquaculture technology.

Tampa Bay is Nursery for "Perfect Predator"
A dozen species of sharks frequent Tampa Bay, which also hosts pupping grounds for lemon, bull and black tip sharks.

Everglades Success Story Probably Won't Be Repeated in Tampa Bay
Mercury levels in Tampa Bay will probably drop as Tampa Electric Company limits emissions, but the problem is not as severe here and declines won't be as dramatic.
California Study Raises Concern in Tampa Bay

Out of Africa
Dust plumes laden with iron, bacteria and pesticides invade the U.S. every summer, contributing to respiratory disorders, coral disease and perhaps red tide.

Become a Ghostbuster!
Recruits sought to clear out abandoned crab traps - or ghost traps - in Tampa Bay.


What's Your Watershed Address?

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More Commuters Considering Choices

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Is Global Warming Causing an Increase in Hurricanes?

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