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Bay Soundings | volume two o number four | fall  2003


Jim Anderson
Growing Grasses
on Land and Sea

gopher tortoise
Gopher Tortoises
Find Refuge at Bullfrog Creek

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Stormwater Management
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Wolf Branch Creek Hidden Gem is Crown Jewel for the Estuary
Wolf Branch Creek is a showpiece-in-the-making for Hillsborough County and the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Battle for the Bay Begins at Home
Stormwater has become the single leading cause of pollution in the U.S.
The battle for Tampa Bay begins in your backyard.
Test Your Bay IQ
What's the major source of pollution to Tampa Bay?

Welcome Visitors to the
Florida Birding & Nature Festival

Winging Into Tampa Bay
The great avian migration is underway!
Web and print resources for the avian-inspired.
pdf logo  (2.72 MB)
Download a map of Tampa Bay area birding sites

Manatee Zones
With representatives equally divided among manatee advocates and waterway users, a local group votes on FWC proposals.

The Joy of Oysters
BayWatch, a non-profit group, which enlists volunteers for bay restoration projects, is building oyster reefs at select sites to aid in the bay's recovery.

treesAdopt-A-Pond: From Barren to Beautiful
Residents get involved for aesthetics, but we all benefit when well-maintained ponds help control contaminants in Tampa Bay.

Rain, New Water Sources Help Wetlands Recover
The Floridan Aquifer is at its highest level in 14 years, thanks to abundant rain and new sources of water that make the region less reliant on groundwater.

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