Elephant Bites Series


“Elephant Bites” is a series of stories that looks at innovative designs local governments and developers are using to capture nutrients before they enter surface waters.

Stories in this series:

Wanted: Recipes for Elephant!, Fall 2012

How Does Tampa Bay Stack Up, Fall 2012

MacDill Wages War on Stormwater Pollution, Fall 2013

Planned Highway Becomes Haven for Wildlife, Winter 2013

Project Aims to Improve Water Quality in Old Tampa Bay, Spring 2013

USF Project Helps Build Water-Smart Neighborhoods, Winter 2014

Capturing Stormwater Can Take Innovation, Imagination, Spring 2014

Street sweepers: “The first defense against pollution”, Winter 2015

Fertilizer 101: Education campaigns focus on water quality, Spring 2015

Delaney Creek stormwater system targeted for makeover, Fall 2015

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